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Fool's ParadiseOnce More!

‘Once More!’ is set in the Germany of the nineteen sixties.

It is the story of the Hartmann family, which overshadowed by the ghosts of a disastrous past, sees itself confronted with a present in which traditional values have lost their meaning. Bereft of their moorings, its members are haunted by angst. They are also offered unexpected opportunities.

The protagonists of the drama are:

  • Norma Hartmann, a young woman who dreams in hours of loneliness romantic dreams and, finally, succumbs to her desires.

  • Peter Hartmann, her husband, who finds himself propelled on to a seat of power, which gives him more pleasure than the company of his wife.

  • Hagen Hartmann, Peter’s father, a former army officer who tries to justify his ‘past’, while re-inventing himself as a businessman.

  • Martha Hartmann, Hagen’s wife, who late in life blooms into an artist-cum-gallery owner in Italy.

  • Marius Colonna, Martha’s partner of noble mind and descent.

  • Anni Weber, who evolves into much more than Hagen’s secretary.

  • Freddy Weber, Anni’s husband, a war veteran in need of a helping hand.

  • Akash, a research scholar from India, who appears and disappears like a trailblazer, yet casts a long shadow.

  • Professor Born, who tries to play god and fails.

  • And little Jan, who shakes up the life of everybody.

‘Once More!’ is an at times sober, at times hilarious yarn of love, sex and betrayal, a tragic-comic roller-coaster of emotions.  It is also a plea for second chances in life and peaceful solutions to conflicts whatsoever their nature and dimensions are.

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