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Fool's ParadiseOn the Rocks & Other Stories

On the Rocks is a collection of ten fascinating stories in which the author depicts in a suspenseful, introspective manner relationships which either rock in stormy waters or glide over a sea whose undercurrents are dangerously hidden.

The topics of these captivating stories are about:

  • A husband and wife who harass each other till death does them apart
  • A young entrepreneur who moves ahead her way
  • A couple whose domestic life is disturbed by an unexpected arrival
  • A businessman who cannot escape his destiny
  • A professional lady whose home front turns out to be a battlefield
  • A submissive wife who is forced to show her true colours
  • A financial wizard who loses while gaining
  • Two frustrated souls who share a path
  • Two employees trapped in routine jobs who set each other free
  • An expatriate who realizes that words and deeds are not the same

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